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Ali Muhammad Denounces Louis Farrakhan, says He is no longer the leader of the NOI

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Mayan explains what will happen on 21st December 2012

Professor Griff and Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson FULL LECTURE DVD

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Sara Suten Seti vs. Bro Polight Debate 2012 (FULL DEBATE)

 The videos for the debate are temporarily down.I will try to have them fixed by tomorrow.In the meantime I have added a download link for you to download the full debate.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The files are in FLV format.If you dont have a video player that can play FLV files you can download one here.

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Rise with Sara Suten Seti in Philly 2012

Sara Suten Seti vs Dr. Alim Bey ( Full Deabate)

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Sara Suten Seti VS Brotha Polight Full Preview

Farrakhan/Scientology Exposed By Professor I Self & Ishmael Allah

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Steve Cokely: White Finance of Black Leadership

What could the Boule offer America's Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives. The upper tenth of Blacks started to live the good life as Boule members, while the majority of ordinary Blacks were disenfranchised. But what were the Boule's objectives?

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